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Guild of Rocking Horse Makers

What is the Guild?

To promote and encourage the Craft of Rocking Horse Making.

If you have made a rocking horse you can join this exclusive association of makers, dedicated to keeping alive the great tradition of the craft, sharing ideas and exploring new developments. VIew our list of benefits along with a link to add membership to your shopping basket.

The purpose of The Guild of Rocking Horse Makers is to promote and encourage the traditional Craft of Making Rocking Horses.

Your Invitation to join & become a Member or Friend.

You can join The Guild of Rocking Horse Makers as a MEMBER: Any person who has actually made a Rocking Horse can apply to become a MEMBER, or as a FRIEND: Everyone else can join as a FRIEND.

Criteria for Members and Friends of The Guild.

Members: To be accepted as a Member of the Guild, you must have made a Rocking Horse - it's that simple ? the rocking horse doesn't have to be big or elaborate or even original, but it does have to have been made, substantially, by the person for whom Membership is sought.

Applications are accepted from makers (or on behalf of makers), amateur or professional, whose rocking horse(s) may be of any size or type, and may be made to any design, ancient or modem. Bought components, accessories and fittings may be used, but the major work of assembly, carving, painting and finishing the horse must have been done personally by the maker. The principal material used will be wood, though horses made from other materials will be accepted, provided the making involved a high level of input from the applicant personally, using hand tools.

Friends: You do not have to be a maker to join The Guild of Rocking Horse Makers: you might be a Restorer, a Collector, an Enthusiast, or just interested in supporting this great traditional craft, we shall welcome you to join as a Friend. We all need Friends!

Members and Friends are invited to send in photographs, letters, anecdotes and any information that may be of interest to the Guild, especially from Members about the making of their own rocking horses. These may be featured in Guild Newsletters or on the Guild website (unless requested otherwise).

What about Joint Memberships?

Two people (eg a married couple or partners) can apply for Guild Membership on a single application. We would expect this would normally be when each person has made a significant contribution to the making of the rocking horse(s). Only one membership number, one Certificate of Membership, and one badge will be issued (additional badges and duplicate certificates may be purchased), and only one Newsletter will be sent out to Joint Members. Both names will appear on the Certificate and on the Roll of Membership, and there is no additional subscription cost for Joint Memberships. However, offers for Guild Members may be restricted, at The Guild's discretion, to 'one per member' and the first named person on The Roll of Membership shall be deemed to be the 'principal member' to whom offers are made available. 

What are Honorary Memberships?

A few Rocking Horse makers (a very few!) who have been professional makers for many years and/or who have made a significant contribution to the craft, have been offered an 'Honorary Membership'. (For example Clive Green, who has been a maker and restorer for many years, is author of Restoring Rocking Horses, and is a past Chairman of The British Toymakers Guild, accepted our offer of Honorary Membership, and is Guild Member No l.)

Use of the Guild Logo.

The Guild logo is a unique design which Guild Members have permission to use, for example on letterheads, but the Guild reserves the right to withdraw this permission if it is deemed that the logo is being used in an inappropriate way. It should also be understood that Guild Membership in no way implies any form of guarantee of quality or fitness for purpose. Items of Guild merchandise emblazoned with six colour embroidered Guild logos are available for purchase by Members or Friends: More to come!