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The Rocking Horse Shop

Designers, Makers & Restorers of Beautiful Rocking Horses Since 1976


What to expect

We offer a complete restoration service for battered old Rocking Horses - woodwork repairs to broken ears, legs, rockers etc, gessoing, 'antique' paintwork & dappling in a variety of styles, fitting new saddlery, manes & tails.

We are the experts, with fourty-five years of experience. If you send a photograph of your horse with size or, ideally, bring it to us, we shall be pleased to quote you. If you choose us to restore your family rocking horse with us, we are sure you wont be disappointed with our service, but we also supply a memory stick, containing photographs showing the process and restoration of your rocking horse.

Renovation Kits

Our unique made-to-measure Renovation Kits include all the Accessories you will need to transform your sad old horse yourself. They will also be of interest to people making a new rocking horse to plans other than ours, with different dimensions. Before beginning to restore a horse, you may find Anthony Dew's book, 'Making Rocking Horses' a useful reference point for what might be involved. 

Kits are Individually made in our own workshop, to measurements of your horse. The measuring instructions can be found on page 50 of our catalogue. Alternativly you can send us your existing saddle or bridle and we can use that for the measurements. If you require something bespoke, please do not hesitate to email us and we will always try our best to find a solution for you. 

Thinking about Restoring an old Rocking Horse?

If you have a battered & forlorn old rocking horse, before you do anything to it please think carefully. Sometimes it is wisest to do nothing at all. Sometimes a little judicious touching up of leather or hair replacement is all that is called for and sometimes a full renovation is required. In our opinion old rocking horses should not be restored or renovated unless (a) they have been badly repaired and/or repainted in the past, or (b) are too battered to be safe for a child to ride (& even then it may be preferable to keep the old horse in its original battered condition as a museum piece, & buy a new one for the children to ride!).

View examples of our before and after projects or call our advice line on 01759 368737
and we shall try to help you decide. The video below highlights some of the work in fully restoring a horse. We hope you find this helpful.