Rocking Horse Carving Plans

Our plans offer designs for woodworkers of all abilities.  You do not need a high level of skill to have a go at one and there are no complicated joints.  Though some of the designs involve no carving at all, the carved projects are most appealing and it is the prospect of carving which sometimes concerns people, especially those who have not tackled a project of this sort before.  However, over the years many people who have never carved before have used our plans to make highly satisfactory rocking horses.  Persistence and a desire to succeed will certainly overcome any doubts you may have.

Each plan has a mallet symbol which indicates the approximate skill level for each project.  If you are unsure give us a call, we are always happy to help.

Rocking Horse Plans Key

Really simple. Easy joints, no carving.

Straightforward method. Perhaps some carved elements.

For more practised woodworkers

Experienced carvers only!

Dowelling Kit
Dowelling Kit £10.50

" ... thank you very much for your help & excellent service. Our horse now looks very fine & has been much admired by visiting friends." Pat Herbert