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A Special Project.. working alongside the National Trust

Posted on 9th Jan 2019 @ 1:11 PM

The Beginning...  In early July we were contacted by Mary Chatburn on behalf of The Vyne, a National Trust site in Hampshire, who had a very interesting proposition for us. The Stone Gallery was to be restored to its 19th Century interior, depicted from a family painting completed in 1877 (as shown on the right), and they needed the central focus, an extra large Rocking Horse on Bows, and who else better to talk to than us! With only a short time period until the opening of the exhibition, we got straight to it. It was clear the painter has used some creative license but we were excited by the opportunity.

Construction... As all of you know Michael is always eager for a fresh challenge, so he set straight to work, developing new plans, constructing and carving this unusual horse design. It isn't often we get to carve such a large horse on bows... especially for such a unique home and client, therefore as you can imagine it was a job we were only too happy to undertake.

The finished Horse... The horse was transported south in late July for its final painting by the experts at the National Trust. Whilst this is not the biggest horse we have ever done, it only JUST fitted inside our van!

The finished horse now rightfully sits in its new home in Hampshire, reports suggest it has become a photo favourite especially with children! If you are ever in the area, make sure you pop into The Vyne and see our work. It was certainly a very rewarding project to be part of. Make sure you send us your photos, we would love to see our friends with this project!