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Palomino Rocking Horse

S  £2750    |    M  £3450    |    L  £3950    |    XL  £4450

Individually carved to a very high specification using tulipwood, an america hardwood - and mounted on an ash safety stand, our Palomino horse is a firm favourite with our customers and is available in all sizes, from small to extra large. With a range of finishing touches avaliable, you can design your own bespoke horse, however the example shown is fitted with stunning blonde hair on hide, English leather riding saddle (of course made in our own workshops!) and quilted sheepskin numnah. Of course all the leatherwork is handstiched and the white blaze and socks provide the perfect finishing touches!

We usually have one or two examples in our showroom ready to purchase but we shall be delighted to take your comission for a truly individual and splendid horse. Your name or crest can be hand embroidered in the saddle cloth of your choice to create a unique piece of art / furniture for your home.

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Specifications :-

Many of horses include optional upgrades; the following prices are a guide price. 


suitable for riders aged 3 - 5 years

suitable for riders aged 5 - 9 years

suitable for riders aged 5 - 99 years

suitable for riders aged 5 - 99 years

suitable for riders aged 5 - 99 years

L 42" x W 16" x H 33"

L 53" x W 18" x H 41"

L 60" x W 20" x H 49"

L 66" x W 22" x H 52"

L 66" x W 22" x H 52"

1067 x 407 x 838 mm

1346 x 457 x 1041 mm

1524 x 508 x 1245 mm

1676 x 559 x 1320 mm

1676 x 5


Our team deliver all our horses and we attempt to join deliveries to share costs for all our customers when in a similar area. As a guide: London Area - £120, South Coast - £150, Midlands - £75, Manchester - £50, North East - £100.

Please contact us in advance for more specific costs.

Freight and Packaging Worldwide is available upon request.