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Terms & Conditions


All prices found in our catalogue were correct at the time of printing, please check the website for the most up to date prices


We may from time to time, run special offers via our website, magazine or email. Please see the T&C attached to these for more details.

We reserve the right to remove any offers, benefits or discounts without prior warning.


All children riding or playing near a Rocking Horse, especially those aged under 3 years, should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. All our Rocking Horses are safe for normal use (except Half Size horses which are not designed to be ridden. All horses, as well as well as accessories and fittings when fitted in accordance with our instructions, comply with Toy Safety Regulation BS EN 71.


We use timber sourced from well managed plantations. All timber is kiln dried and inspected for quality. Some hairline cracks and other faults may develop after machining or be overlooked, but are usually negligible and should not affect the timbers structural integrity. We cannot guarantee that the everything piece is completely fault free or uniform in colour. Please accept minor faults and natural variation in colour and part of the character of the timber.


All of our products are sold for home use only. If you wish to use our plans or accessories for commercial use, it is a requirement to sign a commercial agreement with us. Whilst we have no objection to you using one or more of our plans and designs in order to make Rocking Horses for charity or resale, and make no royalty or licensing charge for this use, however we do insist that you buy your accessories and fittings from us.  This simple arrangement has proved to work well with a number of other makers who have made a similar request, and is mutually beneficial. We also ask for acknowledgement of the provenance of the design in any marketing and it must not be claimed to be your design.


Payment - We ask for a deposit of around 20% of the total of the cost when you are ordering a new horse.  We shall inform you when the horse is ready for collection/delivery and send you an invoice.  Please settle this invoice at least seven days before you collect or we deliver. Usually, when a horse is paid for, we will ask for payment before tacking up can begin, as no changes can be made once we proceed beyond this point. 

Safety - Our new rocking horses are quite safe for normal use by children and will comply with all the EU Toy Safety Regulations.  We are unable to recommend rocking horses as suitable toys for children under 36 months, but in any case children should always be supervised by an adult when using a rocking horse.  You will receive some details about the safe use and care of your rocking horse and we hope that your horse will become a much loved family treasure.

Craftsmanship - Please note that when we make a new rocking horse to commission for you, we shall endeavour to accord with your wishes as set out in this order form.  However, the craftsman must be allowed to use his or her experience and skill and some variations in colours of the painted or stained and varnished finishes, or colours and fitting of tack and trimmings are to be expected.  Each horse is unique and no two finishes will be exactly alike. We attempt to send regular photos for your to approve before each stage progresses, however this cannot be guaranteed. When viewing photographs, please do be aware lighting and how the image is viewed can affect the final appearance of the horse - this is also true in real life. 

Cracking – Wood has natural characteristics such as, shrinkage, swelling, surface splitting and minor movement due to the change in temperature and humidity. This won't affect the practicality, durability or lifespan of your Rocking Horse and movement within the wood is completely normal. We have strict QA checks and will never send out timber packs, bespoke horses or restorations that are not practical for every day use. This movement in the timber is not a structural defect and therefore are not covered under any warranty. As with any wooden product, cracking is to be expected. This is classed as a ‘minor’ fault as with in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and does not constitute a fault in the product or a faulty product.

Delivery Instructions - Please ensure there is a suitable adult present upon delivery of the horse, if ordering a large horse assistance will be required to help transport and carry the horse.

Cooling Off Period – As this is usually a bespoke and made to measure item, new rocking horses do not qualify for a cooling off period, even if purchased online.


We reserve the right to change products, styles, colours and our T&C's at our discression and without prior warning.