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Rocking Zebra

S  £3250    |    M  £3950    |    L  £4450  

Something a little different from a traditional Rocking Horse, which is sure to delight riders young and old as they imagine being on a safari adventure. 

Our vibrant Zebra design has individually hand painted stripes and is packed with details. The Zebra mane and tail are meticulously handcrafted for a realistic final appearance and fitted with matching black leatherwork. 

This horse will certainly be a statement within any room.


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Specifications :-

This horse is sure to delight riders young and old! Made from Tulipwood and mounted on an Ash stand, the mane and tail are made from real horsehair and finished to your unique design. 

The final specification of the leatherwork is yours, the leatherwork and tack can be fully customised (see our full range here) at no extra cost. The only additional charge is for 'personalisation' work, details can be found on the link above.  




suitable for riders aged 3 - 5 years

suitable for riders aged 5 - 9 years

suitable for riders aged 5 - 99 years

L 42" x W 16" x H 33"

L 53" x W 18" x H 41"

L 60" x W 20" x H 49"

1067 x 407 x 838 mm

1346 x 457 x 1041 mm

1524 x 508 x 1245 mm



Our team deliver all our horses and we attempt to join deliveries to share costs for all our customers when in a similar area. As a guide: London Area - £120, South Coast - £150, Midlands - £75, Manchester - £50, North East - £100.

Please contact us in advance for more specific costs.

Freight and Packaging Worldwide is available upon request.