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Medium Size Laminated Rocking Horse Plan 129



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Plan 129 for our Medium Laminated Rocking Horse. 

Rocking Horse Plans Key

Really simple. Easy joints, no carving.

Straight forward method. Perhaps some carved elements.

For more practised woodworkers.

Experienced carvers only!

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  • Specification
  • Suitable for riders approx from 5 to 9 years.

    This splendid Medium Rocking Horse has recently been updated using the latest CAD technology and is a fascinating project & surprisingly straightforward to make. Checkout the reviews to see what our other customers thought!

    Approx. Finished Size: 53" long x 42" high x 18" wide (1346 X 1066 X 457mm)


    • Actual size drawings (no scaling necessary)
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Cutting lists
    • Colour pictures

    All the information you need to make this beautiful & striking looking rocking horse. 


    Information on Optional Upgrades

    Video - Our instructional video 'Making Rocking Horses' is an online stream, you will be emailed a link when we process your order. More information can be found here. Full price when purchased separately is £10.00. 

    Book - 'The Complete Rocking Horse Maker' is our companion guidebook which includes every aspect of rocking horse making is described, to enable you to make one of these superb playthings. More information can be found here.

    Workshop Ready Plans - Our traditional plans are printed on 1 sheet, where each piece is layered on top of the other to show the assembly, each piece is then traced and copied onto card or thin MDF ready to be marked out onto the plywood. This limits printing costs and keeps costs low for customers. Our 'Workshop Ready Plans' include this assembled sheet as well as each piece printed separately which can be cut out and stuck straight onto card or thin MDF - customers have told us this saves upwards of 3 hours of time.


    Extract from T&C's

    Our plans and associated items are sold for home use only, they cannot be used for any commercial gain without signing a commercial agreement, this is irrespective of how they are made and by whom. More information can be found in our T&Cs. 

  • Reviews
  • Excellent plans and video

    5 out of 5 stars

    By Jim Stewart

    I am an experienced woodworker but have never done any carving so I bought the plans and the video to gain the confidence for this challenge. The plans are pretty straight forward and the video helped fill in some blanks and give me a bit more confidence. I have glued up the left half of the body now and am halfway with the right hand side.

    Oliver First Rider

    5 out of 5 stars

    By Alan Smart

    As an amateur wood craftsman I would highly recommend anyone that is interested in creating a treasure family heirloom to purchase the Rocky plans and enjoy that build. Oliver took me over 100 hours to carve as I have never done any carving before, I watched a lot of videos, gained helpful pointers from local carvers and I think for my first crack at carving turned out okay. I put my own spin on the rocking horse, different nose and added the antique harness brass medallions that were given to me from a friend\'s father who used to raise and ride horses. I\'m so looking forward to creating the next rocking horse, Large Rocky, so that our granddaughters, grandsons can treasure it for a lifetime.

    Easy to follow plans, informative video and friendly service

    5 out of 5 stars

    By John Hannan

    For my hobby I much prefer metalwork, so the thought of carving a rocking horse was a bit daunting. I shouldn\'t have worried . The design of Rocky is pure genius and makes the task very simple. I did nearly all of the carving with an Arbortech wheel in the angle grinder and finished off with drum sanders. Most of the time was spent in sanding and filling to get a good surface. I painted my Rocky as a dappled grey, which worked fine. Though I purchased a set of carving gouges, they only came out of the box about twice and the job could have been completed without them. The \"contours\" formed by the ply laminations are a great help in getting smooth and even shapes. Though I\'m a rank amateur, I thoroughly enjoyed the project and have (hopefully) produced a family heirloom.

    Brilliant Design

    5 out of 5 stars

    By Adrian Carpenter

    I have done a bit of woodwork over the years, general jobs around the house and a bit of furniture repair etc. but never any carving or indeed worked off any plan. It was therefore with some lack of confidence that I embarked on this project. My fears were unfounded. The plan and the accompanying instructions are clear and straightforward and a joy to work from. As the horse begins to take shape you further appreciate the detail and genius of the design. I used power tools pretty much for all the work, a jigsaw for cutting out the parts, a course sanding disc on an angle grinder for rough shaping, a power file for smoothing and shaping further and a Dremel multitool for the more detailed carving. I am almost ashamed to say the gouges hardly came out the box. Have faith in your ability but above all have faith in this plan and you will end up with a horse you can be proud of and have hours of enjoyment in making.

    Amazing Personal Experience

    5 out of 5 stars

    By Garry Douse

    Having retired and expecting the arrival of our first grandchild I decided to give this medium size rocking horse a go. Wonderful experience and remarkably simple a touch of genius from the RHS. It took me almost 8 weeks to complete the project, however it never felt like a chore. My only advice would be, give it a go, it's nowhere near as difficult has you might imagine. Very fulfilling


    5 out of 5 stars

    By Bob Blenkinsop

    Having never carved anything recognisable I decided to have a go. the cost of the plans were not worth worrying about so here goes. The sales promo said it would be easy, didn't believe that but it was true. The only problem was do I have enough clamps, fortunately I did. /carving with the arbortec cutter was a dream, so much fun. The ego boost is phenomenal, everybody thinks the carving is genius, thats worth the time spent. Anyone with interest must have a try.

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